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Shutter Island Study 3

Again a quick evening study with a badass rim light!
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Shutter Island Study 2

Again a 'Shutter Island' cinematography study. Oh my..., there are infinite cool shots on Evan Richards Blog that I want to paint!!!
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Cinematography Study

Here's a 1h cinematography study with focus on comp and colors, as always. Christian Alzmann from ILM gave me the wonderful hint to have a look at Evan Richards BLOG from time to time.
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Art Deco Grandiosity

This is a personal artwork again with a focus on architecture.
On a planet far far away...
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Massive Black Workshop - San Francisco

Yeahh! I will be attending the Massive Black Workshop in San Francisco. I'm going to be in SF from November 18-23. If someone is interested in meeting, just let me know!
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This is a new personal concept with a bit more of a story behind. I really wanted to polish this one as an establisher shot. But still I wanted to keep the amount of time spent under 2 'usual' working days.
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Canyon Base

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Dune du Pyla - Study

Dune du Pyla near Bordeaux
next quick study! It's not plein-air...sorry, but my time will come!
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Refinery Study

This is a 1-2 hour study of a keyframe from '30 days of night'
I like the lighting a lot
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The Art of Games - Gamescom 2011

For those who are interested in printed game concept artworks.
I made some photographs from this years Gamescom with two of my
concepts I've done at Deck13. These artworks are showing two fantasy
creature designs for our current RPG project. Thanks for the organisation,
the brilliant prints and presentation.

In the near future, many prints will be available at:

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Next ipad sketch

The next quick sketch with the ipad. 2 min tweaks in photoshop,
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First ipad sketch

I received the Wacom Bamboo Stylus today for my ipad and I had to paint something on it. This is a study of a Leroy Grannis photography. It shows a depression-era delivery truck turned sixties surf habitat. About 2 hrs with procreate on the ipad and 5 min photoshop
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My San Francisco Girl

After the Anders Zorn studies I decided to make a 'study' of my girl:) It is based on a photo, which was shot in San Fran a while ago, but the light coming from the back looked pretty good.
I used a hard round brush, soft round brush, some texture brushes, the smudge tool, highpass for sharpening the hair, a slight grain on top, and the brushes set to color dodge for the ears, where the light is shining through;) Took me a couple of hours with no color picking or tracing the real photo. Let me know what you think!
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Anders Zorn Study 02

Ok, this one was stress! The skintones in the face were much harder to read. Everytime I had to increase the saturation after a couple of brushstrokes...always too flat and too grey...This one was also started at lunchtime a while ago and now I finished it at home. Took me twice the time of the first study :(

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Anders Zorn Study 01

Started at lunch time 30 min with focus on colors and shapes and I decided to finish the sketch to really 'understand' the skintones. An additional hour of detailing went into it. Of course no color picking or tracing!

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CAUL - Short Film - Piotr Vampire Concept

This is another concept for the upcoming short film 'Caul'.I focused on the film look, and
the terrifying expression of Piotr.
More information about the film and fund raising at
You can help to make this project happen!
Join the Facebook page

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CAUL - Short Film - Jozef Concept

This is another concept for the short film called 'Caul'. It shows the sad father Jozef on the birthday of his son after the hunt. I tried to give him clothes typical for 17th century lower and mid class polish people. More information about the film at

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CAUL - Short Film - Priest Concept

This is a priest concept I did besides my job for award winning director Azhur Saleem for his next ambitious short film called 'Caul'. More information about the film at
You can also help to make this project happen! More concepts to come!
Join the Facebook page

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Pokerstars Advertisement

Here is something different I have done freelance a few months ago for PIXOMONDO. I was asked to do Printstill Compositing/Retouching for 3 stills included in the campaign. The job was to bring together all the different pieces (photo, 3d, background etc.), which were delivered by different agencies, and to polish it.

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MODFA Exhibition

The MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINEART is showcasing my artwork 'At the Dam' in their April Exhibition.
Thank you Solomon!

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Discarded Characters

These are discarded characters that I have done at Deck13 more than a year ago. Now,  I am allowed to show these illus before they get dusty in the drawer:)

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So sad

This is a personal artwork. Started with a black and white sketch as before and detailed it a couple of hours. I used some post effects like color grain etc. to make it more 'realistically'
This is heavily influenced by the characters of curiousart over at cghub. Same topic of a space knight.
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Bad girl

And a-nother quick one for tonight. No ref used.
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Bad guys

More quick sketches to come down in same style.
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Space Vagabond

Here's a quick one. Just doodlin around tonight to relax. I love those space vagabond characters, maybe Han Solo inspired...I don't know. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers
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Under Fire

This is a personal mood sketch. For me it is important to stay flexible, versatile and quick in what I'm doing as a concept artist. That's why I don't want to focus too much in one direction, like characters, environments, tech etc...Concept Art / Illustration is already very focused in the game industry. Therefore I want to show my diversity in styles and topics. And I'm working hard to be good in all disciplines HAHA. It took me about 8 hours including the compositional sketches. Hope you like it!
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Beer in the sun - Study

This is my attempt to make a digital still life as a study. I used a reference photo HERE but of course there was no tracing and no color picking. Otherwise the study is useless. Global illumination was freaking out with the red aluminum buds. I mainly used a simple round brush with soft and hard edge and the lasso tool.

Story: Two special edition buds standing in front of the window in my working room at home. Bought in Las Vegas for 10 bucks each I think. And our cats left many marks of their noses everywhere on the window.

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Yours Truly - Y.T. from Snow Crash

This is my interpretation of the skateboard courier 'YT' from the book Snow Crash. The preliminiary black and white sketch can be seen below in an older post.

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Gangster Couple

This was a commissioned illustration by a friend of mine. It is ready to print in A1...and yes, I used parts of photos for this one to achieve a mixture between realistic and painted parts :)

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