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This is a personal afterwork sketch I finished at home over the evening:) She is driving that monster truck in a near future LA and is having a breakdown.

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I thought it was time to make a hard surface concept again. So I picked a crappy sketch I made months ago and tuned it heavily. I was playing with the shapes and the look to get a cinematic feeling for this picture.

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Look what I've found

I've been pretty busy with freelance jobs the last couple of months. So there was no time for personal drawings. But these illustrations were done by me at Deck13 last year for different projects and I can show them here. Comments welcome!

 This barbarian above is painted over the ingame 3D model by Gregor Weiß

The following characters are from the other project with the near future setting.
You can find environment artworks in older posts below, too.

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Y.T. - Snow Crash - First Iteration

I recently read Snow Crash from Neal Stephenson and I wanted to do some concepts for the world and characters. This is Y.T. - I know she's originally 15 in the book but I wanted to keep the upcoming concepts and world sketches very loose, not caring too much about the descriptions that are in the book but more about the pictures I had in mind. The sketch is just the first step for the colored illustration.

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Interior Concept - Black Sails

This interior scene is one of the concepts I made for the adventure game 'Black Sails' in 2009. It shows the dark heart of a ship in the 19th century with some invented elements. Our intention was to let the core look like a mixture of a distillery, an oven and a monster face:) The game was developed by Deck13 and published by Astragon in early 2010.
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Environment Sketches - New IP - ...and Bob

Heya, here are 3 of those artworks shown at 'the art of games' at GC... I posted them before. They are from a new IP we worked on at Deck13 a while ago. I can show them here officially, so have fun watching them...(sigh)...It would have been fun to do more concepts in a near future setting.

Ohhh, and here is 'BoB' in an individual performance:)

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Classical Fantasy Theme

Here is a commissioned work by a friend of mine. She is integrated in this classical fantasy artwork riding her horse. I tried to take this topic into a modern realistic look. It was ready to print in A2. Hope you enjoy

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Gamescom 2010 - The Art of Games

I made pictures of the art exhibition 'The Art of Games' at GC 2010. Many cool artworks from different games could be seen there. I was featured with 6 artworks which I created at Deck13. Thanks to the organizer for printing these on canvas in superb quality. If you are interested in buying one, check out the website.
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Jade Rousseau

'Jade Rousseau' - a hidden object game/ interactive episodic novel - is out quite a while. I had the pleasure to be Art Director at this project and also made some background graphics. These three are the screens I created and they can be officially seen at So I decided to share them here, too.  We all had the aim to create photorealistic graphics and handled them like matte paintings. If you like these kind of games be sure to check out the game.

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Life Drawing in Frankfurt and Other Sketches

It was fun to do some life sketches in downtown Frankfurt last Sunday with Markus, Patrick, Andreas and Michael. I'm sure we're gonna do this more often this summer.
And these are some recent sketches.
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hangar char17

about 2 hrs of character doodlin'.
based on a sketch I did during a drawing session at deck13.
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Cyberpunk Pirate

Portrait of a pirate
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Hurried Soldiers

This is a new sketch. More and more sci-fi elements came to the composition during the process.
Hope you like it!
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This is my first 'real' matte painting I did on a couple of evenings over the last weeks. It is a slightly futuristic setting but I heavily used elements from the present.
Crits and comments welcome!

EDIT: for those who are interested in the steps for this matte painting. Here they are!

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Deck13 || Drawing Session

We had a drawing session at Deck13 yesterday evening again. A bunch of weird characters, but it was cool to stay loose with the black pen. I'm not showing the first crappy sketches;) I hope you don't mind. Here's what came out.
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At last a quick one

Finally I made it to do a qick concept for fun again. It is an experiment with the grain and the film-like color shifts. Took me about 2 hours this night. I hope you enjoy this one.
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This is a portrait of Larissa I've done at 'Städel Abendschule'. I used a black pencil on paper again.
-Collection of Larissa-
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This one is grabbed from the magazine STW2D. Nothing special, few creative output, just finger and eye exercise.

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