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Hurried Soldiers

This is a new sketch. More and more sci-fi elements came to the composition during the process.
Hope you like it!
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This is my first 'real' matte painting I did on a couple of evenings over the last weeks. It is a slightly futuristic setting but I heavily used elements from the present.
Crits and comments welcome!

EDIT: for those who are interested in the steps for this matte painting. Here they are!

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Deck13 || Drawing Session

We had a drawing session at Deck13 yesterday evening again. A bunch of weird characters, but it was cool to stay loose with the black pen. I'm not showing the first crappy sketches;) I hope you don't mind. Here's what came out.
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At last a quick one

Finally I made it to do a qick concept for fun again. It is an experiment with the grain and the film-like color shifts. Took me about 2 hours this night. I hope you enjoy this one.

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