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So sad

This is a personal artwork. Started with a black and white sketch as before and detailed it a couple of hours. I used some post effects like color grain etc. to make it more 'realistically'
This is heavily influenced by the characters of curiousart over at cghub. Same topic of a space knight.
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Bad girl

And a-nother quick one for tonight. No ref used.
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Bad guys

More quick sketches to come down in same style.
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Space Vagabond

Here's a quick one. Just doodlin around tonight to relax. I love those space vagabond characters, maybe Han Solo inspired...I don't know. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers
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Under Fire

This is a personal mood sketch. For me it is important to stay flexible, versatile and quick in what I'm doing as a concept artist. That's why I don't want to focus too much in one direction, like characters, environments, tech etc...Concept Art / Illustration is already very focused in the game industry. Therefore I want to show my diversity in styles and topics. And I'm working hard to be good in all disciplines HAHA. It took me about 8 hours including the compositional sketches. Hope you like it!

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