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Portrait from life again. It was the first time I used a black pencil to draw. I like the boldness of the black but I'm not really happy with the shading in her face but let's see what's coming next when I make the whole portrait larger.
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Work in Progress - Ape Steps

Back from Egypt, and here's a WIP of my human ape. It is not finished yet but I decided to show some progress steps. At Deck13 we're doing some drawing sessions at lunch time and had monkeys as a topic. Now I'm pushing the sketch to a finished painting.
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It was time to make a robot. At first it was a sketch of a monster crab but it turned out as a robot.
Crits and comments are welcome.
Hope you like it!
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Here's another portrait from life. Done in 2 1/2 hours with mechanical pencil. But this time with B lead and a rougher shading. The last one was a bit classical/clean. Hope you like it!
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Portrait drawing from life at 'Städel Abendschule'.
About 2 1/2 hours with mechanical pencil. She had crazy hair, impossible to draw:)
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This is a creature concept I did for the RPG 'Venetica' back in 2008.
It shows the raging ghost which glows from the inside.
The ghost has some voodoo like elements attached.
It is only a sneak peak for the major update on my Online Portfolio

Concept (C) DECK13 Interactive GmbH. Taken from Venetica,
published 2009 by dtp entertainment AG.
Be sure to check out-->
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Originally this piece should be a landscape study. But I thought that something remarkable could be going on...
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Machines - Touch ups

I wasn't really satisfied with the first version. So, here is a new one with some touch ups
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Strange Machines

Photoshop speedpainting. I tried to achieve a "realistic" feeling.
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Bunch of Life Drawing

'Städel Abendschule' Friday evening drawing sessions.
Poses reach from 5 to 20 mins
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M! Games Magazine

M! Games (german gaming magazine) is making a series on how a computergame is developed (Deck13 as an example).
The focus in the last issue was on concept art. There was also a box with some lines about my person.

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another study turned out to be a small illustration
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Deck13 featured in Computerarts Projects Magazine issue 121

They made an interview with some guys of Deck13. Including head of art Timm Schwank, lead artist Maxime van der Kloet and me, the concept artist.
It is an eight sided spread about our daily work and experience in creating fantastic new worlds.
I am very happy that many of my artworks are featured in the article!

The bare article can be read here:
Computerarts Projects Deck13 interview

Our two games 'Venetica' and 'Haunted' will be realeased in the next months. So stay tuned!

Photography by Joby Sessions

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Life Drawing Sessions Every Friday Evening!

Here are drawings from the first and second figure drawing session at "Städel Abendschule" in Frankfurt. Poses reach from 5 to 15 mins
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I decided to post some rougher sketches here...why not?

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