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It was time to make a robot. At first it was a sketch of a monster crab but it turned out as a robot.
Crits and comments are welcome.
Hope you like it!
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Here's another portrait from life. Done in 2 1/2 hours with mechanical pencil. But this time with B lead and a rougher shading. The last one was a bit classical/clean. Hope you like it!
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Portrait drawing from life at 'Städel Abendschule'.
About 2 1/2 hours with mechanical pencil. She had crazy hair, impossible to draw:)
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This is a creature concept I did for the RPG 'Venetica' back in 2008.
It shows the raging ghost which glows from the inside.
The ghost has some voodoo like elements attached.
It is only a sneak peak for the major update on my Online Portfolio

Concept (C) DECK13 Interactive GmbH. Taken from Venetica,
published 2009 by dtp entertainment AG.
Be sure to check out-->
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Originally this piece should be a landscape study. But I thought that something remarkable could be going on...

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