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My San Francisco Girl

After the Anders Zorn studies I decided to make a 'study' of my girl:) It is based on a photo, which was shot in San Fran a while ago, but the light coming from the back looked pretty good.
I used a hard round brush, soft round brush, some texture brushes, the smudge tool, highpass for sharpening the hair, a slight grain on top, and the brushes set to color dodge for the ears, where the light is shining through;) Took me a couple of hours with no color picking or tracing the real photo. Let me know what you think!
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Anders Zorn Study 02

Ok, this one was stress! The skintones in the face were much harder to read. Everytime I had to increase the saturation after a couple of brushstrokes...always too flat and too grey...This one was also started at lunchtime a while ago and now I finished it at home. Took me twice the time of the first study :(

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