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Oblivion Matte Paintings

I thought it is a good opportunity to post some matte paintings for Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, because 2 of the shots in which I was involved were already released in this Making of Oblivion

My role in this canyon shot: 2D painting and projection setup in Nuke for the complete sky and environment above the ice canyon. I also made the basic 3D geo in 3dsmax. Additional 3D provided by Marco Wilz. Ice canyon done by Pixomondo 3D and environment team.

My role in this shot: projection setup in Nuke and complete 2D painting on top of 3D base provided by Falk Boje
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some sketchbook pages

My buddy Markus Lenz and me had a wonderful sketch weekend in Aschaffenburg and at 'Schloss Mespelbrunn' near to the city. Was definitely a nice trip and that's the output:

These are some sketches from last summer which I made during my time at MPC  
lunchtime sketches at Soho Square, Golden Square or the MPC balcony:)

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Pixomondo Sketch Session - Rooney Mara some people tracing or value picking over here...otherwise it would be a useless study...
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Pixomondo Sketch Session - Cloud Study

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iPad illustration for Savage Interactive

Hi folks,
finally a small update. Work is keeping me busy...
This is a commission work for Savage Interactive, the makers of 'procreate'. A fantastic smooth painting software for the ipad. They are using it as a marketing illustration to promote their new version 1.7 with 4K canvases. Completely painted on the ipad 3.
I still have tons of work from MPC to post when I find the time, so stay tuned!

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