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Blood Knights - Succubus concepts

Heya, again some character concepts which I made last year for the game Blood Knights at Deck13.

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Daily Sketch Sessions at MPC

We're doing daily sketches with different topics in the commercials team at MPC after work, woohoo. AdamLeviJama and some of the film guys are joining, when schedule allows. Here's a bunch of my sketches. More to come!


Quick master studies with limited palette

Quick fashion studies with focus on poses.

Stylized photo study. Sorry, i cannot give credit to the photographer. I found it in my ref folder...
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Blood Knights - Environment Concepts

During 2011 I also worked on Blood Knights, a nice downloadable Hack'n'Slash made by Deck13. Some of the concepts are already released, so here we go.

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Jack Keane 2 - character concepts

Heya, here are some character concepts for Jack Keane 2. It will be released in September and the concepts are officially in the net. I made the designs back then when I was still working at Deck13.

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